Dustin Lynch’s New Album Set to Hit Stores This Summer

Dustin Lynch’s New Album Set to Hit Stores This Summer

Fans have been patiently waiting for Dustin Lynch’s third album to drop and their wait is almost over.

While he won’t share an exact release date or album title, Dustin tells us the time is drawing near. “It’ll be this summer for sure. We’re done recording. We’ve done something different with this album, but I wanted to record this album with some new blood, and how I went about that is I would have a group of songs and some favorite producers of mine and see what songs those producers were excited about and passionate about, and every song we recorded — you know, not only myself, but everyone involved in the studio, that was their pick, so instead of going about a record like, ‘Hey, you know, here’s 12 songs. Let’s go get it done,’ it kind of happened in little patches, and that allowed us, too, really to hone in, being patient, and it’s been, what, gosh almost three years now to write and really write towards what I know we need. We take our time and I think for sure, I know for a fact it’s my best work so far.”

Dustin has already charted a Number One hit with “Seein’ Red” from the new project, and his latest single, “Small Town Boy,” continues its climb toward the top of the charts. Dustin continues on his jam-packed tour schedule with fair and festival dates in addition to Brad Paisley’s Weekend Warrior tour, which plays on Friday, June 23rd in Chula Vista, CA.

Wheatland, CA #SmallTownBoy

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