Colorado Woman To Stand Trial For Knife Assault At Mt. Vernon Walmart

(MT. VERNON, IL) — A 26-year-old Colorado woman has been found not guilty by reason of insanity of charges stemming from an incident last year at the Mt. Vernon Walmart store where she allegedly assaulted people and was armed with a knife. Rebecca Bigham has been placed in the custody of the Department of Human Services for treatment. As part of the acquittal, Bigham admits to committing the crime. She will now be placed in a Department of Human Services mental health facility for 30 days, after which a hearing will be held to determine if she is fit to be released. The court found that Bigham suffered from acute symptoms of schizophrenia at the time of the offense, characterized by “loud command auditory hallucinations and religious delusional beliefs.” “She was compelled by the voices and delusional beliefs to engage in behaviors that led to her current charges,” the court order states. “As a result of this mental disease, she lacked substantial capacity to appreciate the criminality of her conduct.” Bigham was charged with four counts Class 3 aggravated battery in a public place and two misdemeanor counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. According to Mt. Vernon police, Bigham struck one Walmart employee in the face with her hand and struck a juvenile with the knife. The knife did not penetrate the skin. Police were called and upon their arrival she was allegedly still armed with the knife. Bigham had initially been found mentally unfit to stand trial and was admitted to a mental health facility where it was later found her fitness had been restored. However, a subsequent evaluation found Bigham showed symptoms of an acute psychotic episode at the time of her arrest at Wal-Mart and that she had indicated she could see spirits and hear voices told her she had to die.