Money Stolen From Local Fundraiser

(MT. VERNON, IL) — Money from a smoked rib fundraiser held by Otterbein United Methodist Church was stolen from the home of a trustee before it could be deposited. Most of the more than $3000 was cash, but there were a number of checks included in the pending deposit as well. If you wrote a check for ribs from OUMC prior to May 28th, please be notified it was stolen and will not be deposited by Otterbein. “We are sickened and heartbroken that this has happened with funds we had planned to use for our church insurance,” stated Pastor Jesse Hinds, “Now we must pay more than $2800 for the ribs and them being smoked so we are actually in the hole that amount of money.” According to a statement from the church, there are still about 60 racks of ribs available that were frozen the day they were smoked. The church is selling them for $16 each in hopes to recoup some of the losses. If you’d like to purchase ribs, contact Pastor Hinds at 618-791-1909 or Angela Schrum at 618-231-4504.