Senators set up committee to vet US attorney candidates  

CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois’ two Democratic U.S. senators are taking steps to ensure they have a voice in choosing the state’s new U.S. attorneys. President Donald Trump’s administration told U.S. attorneys nationwide in March to resign, including then-head Chicago U.S Attorney Zachary Fardon. Joel Levin is now Chicago’s acting U.S. attorney. The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin reports Sens. Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth have formed committees to provide input in picking candidates for each of three U.S. judicial districts in Illinois. The tradition is for a state’s top-ranking member of Congress from the president’s party to lead the process and for the opposition party to have meaningful input. Democrats are concerned Republicans under Trump won’t adhere as closely to that bipartisan approach. Trump would nominate candidates and the Senate must confirm them.