Mt. Vernon Man Objects To Trial Continuation

(MT. VERNON, IL) — A 24-year-old Mt. Vernon man accused in the Jan. 20 shooting death of DeAndray Jackson objected to having his trial continued Tuesday. Tony Feggins is one of eight men charged in connection with Jackson’s death. He appeared in court Tuesday via video conferencing with his attorney Roger White. White had filed a motion to vacate a June 6 jury trial date to allow him more time to review discovery evidence. That motion was granted but Feggins protested the move, saying he refused to waive his right to a 120-day speedy trial. Criminal defendants held in jail are entitled to be tried on their charges within 120 days. Delays caused by the prosecution count against that 120-day clock; however, delays caused by the defense do not. White said he could not effectively represent his client if the trial were held June 6. The judge told Feggins it would be improper for a defense attorney to not be prepared before starting a murder trial, and Jefferson County State’s Attorney Sean Featherstun noted a large amount of discovery evidence in the case. Feggins is next scheduled in court for a May 23 pre-trial hearing, August 2, final pre-trial hearing, and August 29 jury trial.