Prison Assault Attributed To Gang Affiliations

(CHESTER, IL) — A recent assault on staff at Menard Correctional Center is now being blamed on a planned attack by gang-affiliated inmates. AFSCME representatives have told the Randolph County Herald Tribune that the incident involved three inmates and was unprovoked by correctional officers. According to AFSCME, the inmates had a list of the officer’s names and the attack happened during shift change while the inmates were returning to their cell house from dinner. The Herald Tribune says six guards were injured in the incident, with one being taken to a local hospital in Chester with internal bleeding, a concussion, and a lip contusion that required several stitches. Shortly after the April 23 incident, IDOC spokeswoman Nicole Wilson said the inmates involved had been transferred to other facilities. Wilson also said the agency was investigating the incident and the findings would be forwarded to the Randolph County State’s Attorney for possible criminal prosecution. Since the April incident, a staff assault was reported Wednesday at Menard, with the facility being kept on lockdown. The officer involved in that incident was also treated at a local hospital.