(CENTRALIA, IL) — A Centralia police officer responded to an incident around 8 o’clock Tuesday morning after a small child was reportedly spotted on the roof of a home. According to police, the child will turn 2-years-old next month. Witnesses said the toddler wasn’t the only child on the roof. A nearly 3-year-old and a 4-year-old had also been out on the roof, as well. The children reportedly climbed out an upstairs window and out to the roof while their mother was downstairs nursing a 1-month-old baby. The responding officer reportedly knocked on the front door of the home and received no answer, but while knocking on another door found it unlocked. He discovered the mother was nursing the baby and while she was aware the other three children were upstairs she was unaware they were climbing out onto the roof. While police worked to keep the child distracted and to locate the mother, the Centralia Fire Department was dispatched to the scene with a ladder truck to get the child down off the roof as safely and quickly as possible.