Two Arrested After Traffic Stop In Salem

(SALEM, IL) — A traffic stop Tuesday night in Salem resulted in the arrests of Two Memphis, Tenn., men after a Marion County Sheriff’s deputy had to wrestle a loaded gun from one of them. According to reports, the deputy stopped a vehicle with five occupants Tuesday night on West Main Street near Interstate 57. A backup deputy soon arrived but was unnoticed. When the second deputy noticed 23-year-old Larry Chambers slowly moving his hand toward his waistband the deputy drew his Taser and ordered Chambers to show his hands. The deputies then ordered Chambers and another passenger out of the vehicle and as they moved toward the door of the vehicle Chambers allegedly moved his hand back toward his waist area. Despite the deputies’ commands to stop, Chambers allegedly began to pull a gun from his pants. However, the deputy was close enough to grab the weapon and was able to place his hand over the trigger area. Chambers was then taken to the ground and he ultimately released the weapon. When being questioned later, Chambers reportedly said he likely would have shot the first deputy had the backup deputy not arrived. Once Chambers and the weapon were secured, the deputies ordered the other occupants of the vehicle to get out and on the ground except for a pregnant female in the front seat. While 22-year-old Keontre Hampton was exiting the vehicle he allegedly reached down in front of him where another loaded firearm was reportedly located. However, Hampton was unable to reach the weapon before being taken out of the vehicle and into custody. Corbero Ragland, the 25-year-old driver of the vehicle, was arrested for alleged driving while license suspended. The other two passengers were released without charges. Both Chambers and Hampton were arrested for alleged aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and illegal possession of a weapon by a felon. They both remain in the Marion County Jail.