Suspect Arrested In Centralia Family Dollar Robbery

(SALEM, IL) — Centralia police responded around 8:50 p.m. Friday night to calls saying the Family Dollar Store had just been robbed and the suspect fled south on a bicycle. Within minutes officers had a 28-year-old suspect in custody and they had located a firearm. Dierre Hill was located in an alley near Pine and Sycamore by officers who were responding to the report of the armed robbery. Police say Hill was riding a bicycle and wearing clothes that matched that given of the robbery suspect. Officers reportedly located a bag of money on Hill that was described as that taken during the robbery and the Centralia Police K-9 located a pellet gun nearby that is believed to be the weapon displayed during the robbery. Employees of the store reportedly identified Hill as the man who had robbed them. They told officers one of them was outside collecting shopping carts just before closing when a man approached and ordered the employee back inside the store. Reports indicate the man then told them they had five seconds to give him the money or he would shoot them. One of the employees opened the drawer and gave the suspect money before he finished counting, with the suspect placing the money in a plastic bag before he fled the store, heading south on a bicycle. Hill was taken to the Marion County Jail after his apprehension and remains in custody awaiting the formal filing of charges and the setting of bail.