February Unemployment Down From January

SPRINGFIELD — The Illinois Department of Employment Security has released the results of the February unemployment rates. Compared to one year ago, labor market conditions moderately improved in February 2017 throughout South Central Illinois. Seventeen of eighteen counties reported a decline in unemployment. The data is not seasonally adjusted. In Jefferson County, February unemployment was at 6.2 percent, down 1% from January and 1.6% from February 2016. Marion County was at 6.2 percent, down from 7.7 percent in January, and down 1% from last year. Hamilton County was at 5.8 percent, down 1.5% from a month ago, and down from a 8.1% percent showing for February 2016. Clinton County was at 4.3 percent, down 1.4% from last month, and up 1.5% percent from last year. Washington County was at 3.5 percent for the month, down 1.2% from last month, and down 1.1% from last year. Wayne County’s unemployment rate is at 7.7 percent, down 1.6% from last month, and down 1.8% from last year at this time.