Benton Grade School Board Approves Renovation Project

(BENTON, IL) — The Benton Grade School District 47 School Board this week approved giving Superintendent Dr. Jay Goble the go-ahead to work with Bay singer Design to begin the process of renovating two rooms on the Benton Grade School campus to house the district office. The district recently sold its building located at 1403 South Main to the City of Benton for $550,000. The city will be moving City Hall to this location in June. Goble says it’s unknown right now as to what the renovation costs will be, but they should be minimal as it will only require some new flooring, paint, some possible electrical work and a couple of walls being built. Goble says they won’t know a ballpark figure until the district meets with Bay singer Design to begin discussions. Goble says the important thing is that the cost of renovations will be drastically lower than the proceeds gained from the sale of the current building. However, the most important aspect of this move to him is that his office and the district personnel offices will be located on campus with the rest of the faculty, staff and students. He says by being on campus, this will allow the district to utilize human resources in a more efficient manner. Goble added that the building on 1403 South Main Street was a prudent purchase several years ago and has met their needs nicely, but the opportunity to actually get on campus was one they felt they just couldn’t, and shouldn’t pass up.