KC To Make Cuts Due To State Budget Impasse

(CENTRALIA, IL) — Due to the lack of a State budget, which has resulted in no State funding for Kaskaskia College in nearly eight months, the college has been forced to make additional and significant budget cuts including the elimination of more personnel positions. During their regular monthly meeting Monday night, the Board of Trustees approved the college to move forward in implementing procedures for Reductions in Force (RIF) for Faculty, Professional/Managerial Staff, and Support Staff. The approved RIFs include the elimination of the Kaskaskia College Educational Program at the Centralia Correctional Center to include all full-time faculty and professional/managerial staff; the elimination of the Small Business Development Center to include full-time professional/ managerial staff and part-time support staff; and the elimination of a full-time KCTOP employee and a part-time professional/managerial employee. The suspension of Department Chair assignments for the areas of Physical and Life Science, Social/Behavioral Science, Mathematics, Fine and Performing Arts and Humanities were also approved as of May 13, 2016. In addition, a resolution was approved authorizing the College Administration to proceed with preparing an employee Furlough plan, and to approve the closure and preparation for sale of the Kaskaskia College Workforce Center on South Poplar Street in Centralia was approved by the Board.