(MT. VERNON, IL) — A jury trial that is expected to feature a wife testifying against her 29-year-old husband in a 2014 child abuse case opened Monday with jury selection and is anticipated to continue through Friday. Michael Belmont is charged in Jefferson County Court with Class X felony aggravated battery to a child under the age of 13 resulting in permanent disability, Class 3 felony aggravated battery to a child resulting in bodily harm, and Class 2 felony aggravated domestic battery, in connection with the November 2014 hospitalization of a 3-year-old toddler in the couple’s care. Michael Belmont’s 28-year-old wife Kaysie Belmont entered into a plea agreement earlier this month in which she will serve 30 months probation, but no prison time for battery to the young boy, providing she testifies against her husband. According to court records, Kaysie Belmont admitted to Class 4 felony reckless conduct in not seeking immediate emergency medical help for the child who was not their child. A second count of reckless conduct, felony aggravated battery of a child, and domestic battery endangering the life of a child were dismissed as part of the plea agreement. Court records in Kaysie Belmont’s case show that she witnessed the child collapse on November 2, 2014 and failed to call 911 for help, and instead took the child to a relative’s home where he was then taken to the hospital. Experts testified that the delay in medical care could have worsened the toddler’s injuries, which reportedly included trauma to the legs, torso and head. The child reportedly suffered a stroke and was treated for brain injuries. While the alleged victim in the case is not one of the Belmont’s natural children, after the couple’s arrest in 2014, their children were placed in custody of the state for foster placement. At the time of the Belmont’s arrests, Kaysie Belmont was pregnant with her third child, who has since been born and also placed in foster care with the other siblings.