(FAIRFIELD, IL) — Conditions in a Fairfield home were so toxic Wednesday that law enforcement officers were forced to don air masks when rescuing to meth manufacturing suspects inside. According to reports, around 4 a.m. Wayne County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a Fairfield home of 42-year-old Jason Hart after receiving information that drugs were being manufactured inside the home. A strong chemical odor was noticed when deputies arrived on the scene and the local fire department was contacted to provide self-contained breathing apparatus for deputies entering the home. Once inside the home deputies reportedly found Hart asleep on a couch in the living room and deputies had to carry him out of the home. A second man, 32-year-old Christopher Hannah was located lying against the door of a back bedroom. Deputies had to force their way into that room and also carried Hannah out of the home. Hannah was transported from the scene by ambulance to Fairfield Memorial Hospital for treatment of exposure to toxic fumes. Hart was treated at the scene and transported to the Wayne County Jail.