Push To Make Obama’s Birthday A State Holiday

(SPRINGFIELD, IL) — It’s President’s Day, a national holiday, when most state agencies will be closed, but things were also quiet Friday in observance of Lincoln’s birthday. That made for a four-day weekend for most of state government. Meanwhile a measure from Democratic Representative Andre Thapedi could make President Barack Obama’s August 4th birthday the 13th paid state holiday in Illinois. In comparison, the federal government has 10 paid holidays that mirror Illinois’ 12 holidays with the exception of Lincoln’s birthday and General Election Day. In a statewide survey of 500 private sector employers the Illinois Chamber of Commerce found an average of 8.8 paid holidays. The six most prevalent include New Year’s Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Christmas. Other lower ranked holidays for the private sector included Good Friday, New Year’s Eve, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and the employee’s birthday. When it comes to Thapedi’s bill to make President Obama’s birthday a holiday, the measure was introduced days before the President’s visit this month and remains in the House Rules Committee.