ROE #13 To Close 2 of 4 Offices

(NASHVILLE, IL) — It was announced at the Washington County Board meeting last night that the Regional Office of Education #13 would be closing 2 of their 4 offices, including the Nashville office, after meeting with County Board Education Committees, Board Chairman and other committees. Regional Superintendent Ron Daniels says they usually receive approximately $87,000 from the state to help run their offices, but they have not gotten anything since July 1, 2015. To cut costs, the offices in Washington and Marion Counties will close, which will save between $1,500 and $1,800 per month. The lease at the Nashville office expires at the end of the month. He said there are no cuts to the personnel, just getting rid of the expenses incurred with having the offices. Offices remaining open will be in Carlyle and Mount Vernon. Despite the cuts, there will be no changes or reductions in the services they provide to all 4 counties. In the future, there might only be 1 centrally located office to serve Clinton, Jefferson, Marion and Washington Counties.