State Reverses Payments Withheld For County Employees

(SPRINGFIELD, IL) — The State of Illinois has reversed its position on withholding payments for their share of the salaries of county state’s attorneys, public defenders and supervisor of assessments. The news came through the Illinois Attorney General’s office Friday – just one day after White County State’s Attorney Denton Aud filed suit against the State Comptroller and Director of the Illinois Department of Revenue. Aud sued because the state has failed to pay its share of salaries for the key county positions since July 1 of last year. White County was the latest in a string of Southern Illinois counties that filed suit against the State Comptroller and Director of the Department of Revenue. White County has since withdrawn its lawsuit. However, despite receiving money from the state last week, Saline County State’s Attorney Mike Henshaw has said Saline will let its suit remain standing to see if the state makes good on remaining payments. White and Saline were just two Southern Illinois counties to file suit against the State of Illinois for the release of funds since the budget impasse began July 1. Jackson, Fayette, Union, Williamson and Franklin counties have filed similar suits, as did St. Clair County and Gallatin counties.