(BENTON, IL) — A Perry County man was sentenced Tuesday in U.S. District Court for his involvement in a methamphetamine conspiracy. Acting U.S. Attorney James Porter says 32-year-old Clint D. Williams of Du Quoin, who had previously pled guilty to an indictment charging conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine, was sentenced to 100 months in federal prison, to be followed by 3 years of supervised release and fined $350. The offense happened between 2012 and September 2014 in Perry, Jackson, Randolph, Williamson and Franklin counties. Evidence at the plea and sentencing hearings established that Williams was involved with others in the manufacture of methamphetamine. On Feb. 20, 2014, Williams was caught manufacturing methamphetamine at a Du Quoin home with an 11-month old child present. At sentencing, the district court found Williams responsible for the possession of approximately 88 grams of pseudoephedrine, which was possessed for the purpose of manufacturing methamphetamine. Six co-defendants have previously been sentenced for their roles in the methamphetamine conspiracy.