Woman Jailed For Murder Charged With Escape, Criminal Damage To Government Property

(SALEM, IL) — A 24-year-old Salem woman in the Marion County Jail on charges she murdered her infant baby last year has now been charged in Marion County Court with escape and criminal damage to government property after she and two other jail inmates allegedly attempted to tear out a vent in the jail. According to Sheriff Rich Stevenson, Christina Thomason, along with 29-year-old Rose Bounds, of Walnut Hill, and 26-year-old Mindy Thacker, of Centralia, attempted to remove a vent at the jail and damaged the vent in the process. Stevenson notes that even if the women had been successful in accessing the ducts behind the vent, the ducts don’t lead anywhere outside the building. Thomason was charged Tuesday morning in Marion County Court with Class 3 felony escape and Class 4 felony criminal damage to government property. She was last scheduled for a February 29, jury trial in the First Degree Murder case charging her with the March 2015 death of her 3-month old daughter Aribella Thomason. Thomason has been held for nearly a year in the Marion County Jail, with bail set at $1 million after her March 2015 arrest. She is next scheduled in court February 16 for a pre-trial hearing on the murder charges against her. According to Marion County State’s Attorney Matt Wilzbach, allegations indicate Thomason smothered her daughter with blankets because the baby wouldn’t stop crying. The two other inmates believed involved in the alleged escape attempt have each been in jail since January 19. Bounds was jailed on a Class 2 felony charge for possession of a controlled substance, and her bail had been set at $25,000. Thacker was originally jailed on a Class 4 felony charge of theft by deception, and her bail was set at $15,000.