(MT. VERNON, IL) — Approximately 30 people gathered in front of the Bankruptcy Clinic on Friday at noon in protest. On one side, a rant by attorney Mike Curry that was posted on Facebook in wake of traffic jams and closures on an inclement Wednesday morning on Interstate 57 due to several accidents, one of them, claiming the life of Marion County Correctional Officer Adam Conrad. On the other side, a group of citizens that battled a cold Friday afternoon to honor the fallen officer and to support others. Jefferson County Sheriff Travis Allen attended the gathering to support Officer Conrad and to assure that the assembly was peaceful. Bankruptcy Clinic owner Jay B. Howd addressed the crowd upon arriving at their Mt. Vernon offices. Howd stated that he was on his way to discuss the matter with Curry and indicated that Curry would be making a public statement upon the conclusion of that meeting. After a brief meeting, Curry and Howd exited the office building to address the crowd. Curry addressed the crowd, announcing his resignation, and took questions from the crowd. He indicated that it was an episode in which he lost his anger that led to the posting. Curry’s resignation is effective February 5th.

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