Sesser Mayor Named Executive Director Of Alexander County Housing Authority

(CAIRO, IL) — Sesser Mayor Jason Ashmore was named the executive director of the troubled Alexander County Housing Authority during a meeting of the Housing Authority’s Board Tuesday. The vote was 3-0. According to the Southern Illinois, the meeting only lasted less than five minutes and was adjourned without taking comments from those in attendance – primarily those who live in public housing and residents who are not happy with Ashmore’s hiring. Ashmore however did listen to what those who attended the meeting had to say. Their concerns ranged from Ashmore not having housing experience to why he wasn’t going to move to Alexander County. One person said he knew someone from Cairo that was more qualified for the job. Ashmore noted that he hopes to work together with Housing and Urban Development and the citizens of Cairo as a team, and asked that people give him a chance. Earlier this month, the Housing Authority board received a letter from HUD rejecting Ashmore’s hiring citing several reasons including that Ashmore would not be relocating to Alexander County and that the director should live in the county in order to understand the challenges facing the housing authority.