(PATOKA, IL) — A Kentucky family traveling along Farthing Road Saturday night lost their lives when it is believed they attempted to cross a low-water bridge between Berry and Britt roads and were swept away in floodwaters. The family, who Marion County officials had initially said were three adults and two children, has now been identified as Adam and Erin Schutt, of Elkton, Kentucky, and their three children Logan, Robbyn and Chad. They were traveling from Kentucky to Minnesota to Celebrate Christmas with Erin’s family. Officials speculate they may have stopped for fuel or dinner while traveling Interstate-57, and somehow got turned around or were following an erroneous GPS track. A call from the vehicle was made to Centralia dispatch around 7:30 Saturday night, and before the phone went dead it was believed only two people were in the vehicle. However, when firefighters were finally able to access the car around 11 p.m., the sad discovery was made that five people perished in the floodwaters. Patoka firefighters were dispatched to the area and dive teams from Keyesport and Greenville were called to assist. The car was ultimately found approximately 150 to 200 feet off the roadway and was ultimately hooked and brought back to the roadway with a truck. Marion County Coroner Troy Cannon pronounced all five occupants dead at the scene and says all five died from drowning. According to Cannon, the first firefighter on the scene made verbal contact with the occupants. But shortly afterward, the car became dislodged, moved downstream a short distance further, and became completely submerged, making a rescue impossible. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with funeral expenses for the family.

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