December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

Effingham, IL – December has again been declared National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. Along with driving under the influence of alcohol, impaired driving also includes drugged driving and distracted driving. Drugged/drunk driving and distracted driving are two of the fatal four violations that the Illinois State Police (ISP) continues to focus on. The ISP will be doing our part in observing National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. From December 16th through January 1st, the ISP will be participating in the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign. This campaign seeks to raise awareness of the dangers associated with drunk and drugged driving. Through awareness and enforcement, the ISP will work to remove drunk/drugged drivers from Illinois roadways. The ISP will also continue to focus on individuals who drive distracted. Often times distracted drivers are reported as drunk/drugged drivers to the police. They exhibit the same driving behaviors associated with people who are driving while intoxicated. So far this year the ISP has issued almost 11,000 distracted driving citations and 10,460 written warnings. The Illinois State Police is encouraging the public to remain committed to preventing instances of drunk, drugged, and distracted driving by promoting responsible driving behavior. Designate a driver; call a taxi, friend, or family member for a ride; and avoid distractions while behind a wheel. If we all commit to preventing impaired driving, we can reduce the likelihood of losing a loved one due to a fatal traffic crash. As always, remember to watch your speed, buckle up, and move over and slow down when you see emergency vehicles on the side of the road.