(CENTRALIA, IL) — A former employee has been indicted and arrested the March choking death of a 46-year-old developmentally disabled resident of the Warren G. Murray Center in Centralia. Christopher Michael Duguay, of Alton was arrested last week in Madison County on a Clinton County warrant that was issued when a grand jury indicted the 25-year-old former state worker on charges of Class 4 felony criminal neglect of a resident at a state facility and Class 3 felony criminal neglect resulting in the death of Todd Clementz, a resident of the Murray Center. Bail had been set at $25,000 and Duguay was released after posting $2,500 cash bond. He is due in Clinton County Court January 11, 2016. A coroner’s inquest last month found Clementz’s cause of death to be homicide and the result of a “punishment” shower given to the deaf and blind Clementz that resulted in him choking on cold water that was sprayed into his face as well as regurgitated food. Tom Hatley, a state police investigator, testified at the coroner’s inquest that Duguay told him that Clementz had missed his regularly scheduled bath “because he was exhibiting a behavior.” Hatley testified that within minutes, Clementz began choking on the cold water being sprayed into his face from a hand-held shower wand, his lips turned blue as he became unconscious and went into cardiac arrest. The case was then handed over to Clinton County prosecutors who presented it to a grand jury. The grand jury handed down a bill of indictment December 9, and the file was ordered sealed until the warrant was served. Duguay was quickly taken into custody in Madison County. He posted bond and was released December 10, but the case file was not unsealed until Thursday.

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