(SALEM, IL) — Bail has been set at $100,000 for a 43-year-old Centralia man accused of trying to steal winnings a player had left on a poker machine at a local tavern. Terry Woodward was charged Thursday in Marion County Court with a Class 3 felony theft, after he reportedly returned to the Poplar Place in Centralia Wednesday afternoon and attempted to cash in a $500 winning payout ticket that had been reported stolen earlier that morning. According to Centralia police, gaming company officials responded to the Poplar Place to try and figure out what had happened to winnings that 45-year-old Michael Scott had left on a machine when he stepped out to have a cigarette. While the officials were still at the tavern, Woodward returned and attempted to cash out the ticket. He reportedly told police that he pushed the “cash out” button on the machine when Scott went outside. Scott was reportedly involved in an altercation in the tavern when he discovered his machine had been cleared. While he wasn’t arrested for the altercation, he was arrested on an outstanding Marion County warrant for failure to appear on a misdemeanor bad check conviction. In addition to being arrested for theft, Woodward was also arrested on outstanding Marion and Clinton county warrants for failure to appear on a felony case of not reporting an accident involving injury and misdemeanor battery, respectively. Both men remain in the Marion County Jail.

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