Giving Tuesday Today

(SPRINGFIELD, IL) — Today is Giving Tuesday, and an Illinois campaign hopes to raise $6 million for nonprofits around the state. That would be a leap from last year’s $4 million dollar haul for the #ILGive campaign, which aims to increase individual donations to nonprofit causes and organizations. Scott MacFarland, executive director of the Serve Illinois Commission, says this effort has drawn in a larger crowd than the regular pool of charitable donors. “It’s very easy to be looking at your Twitter feed at your Facebook page, and see that an organization that you care about is looking for a few dollars to help them out,” MacFarland said. “Somebody can easily donate as little as a few dollars to help that, and that is a force multiplier that helps out organizations around the state.” More than 600 charitable organizations received money as part of last year’s push. To see a list of some of the nonprofits you can donate to today, visit