Illinois State Police to Conduct Alcohol Countermeasure Enforcement Patrols

Carmi, IL – Captain Kelly Hodge, District 19 Commander, announced recently that the Illinois State Police (ISP) will conduct Alcohol Countermeasure Enforcement (ACE) patrols in Hamilton and Saline Counties during the month of December. These ACE patrols allow the ISP to target an area with a saturation patrol that focuses on preventing, detecting, and taking enforcement action in response to violations associated with impaired driving and illegal transportation or consumption of alcohol and other drugs. Across the country, an average of one alcohol-related traffic death occurs every 51 minutes. Alcohol and drug impairment remain significant factors in nearly 40 percent of all fatal motor vehicle crashes in Illinois. Each year in Illinois, hundreds of lives are lost in alcohol-related crashes. Don’t risk losing your license, your car, and your freedom. If you drive impaired, law enforcement will arrest you. This project is funded by the Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Transportation Safety.