Three Juveniles Released From Home Confinement For Mt. Vernon Fire

Three male juveniles have been released to home confinement following their arrests earlier this month on arson charges. Two of the juveniles were quickly arrested following a November 9 fire in the 300 block of Jordan Avenue that destroyed a vacant home and caused damage to other homes in the area. According to police reports, a 15-year-old defendant actually started the fire while a 17-year-old co-defendant provided the gasoline and lighter and possibly came up with the idea. Then last week, another 17-year-old co-defendant was arrested in the case. All three have been charged with arson and criminal damage to property. The three have since been released on home confinement pending trials against them. While on release, the three will have to report to the probation office, attend school, and abstain from drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or any criminal activity. They are also prohibited from contacting each other or their victims, and are not allowed to visit the crime scenes. Judge Jerry Crisel cautioned the boys that any infractions will result in them being sent back to jail. Court records show the three juveniles may have targeted the vacant home destroyed in the fire because young people used it as a place to take drugs and the three defendants wanted to eliminate the building.