Franklin County Board Approves Budget, Keeps Juvenile Detention Center Open

(BENTON, IL) — The Franklin County Board Tuesday night approved the county’s budget for next year and the county’s Juvenile Detention Center will remain open. WSIL-TV reports there is just over $1.8 million dollars in the budget to operate the center next year, but it also shows that it will be about $190,000 in the red. Board Chairman Randall Crocker says even though there is a small deficit, they will not shut down the facility. He noted that if the county did this, mortgage payments on the facility would continue. Crocker is also concerned about how much tax money the county will get from the state once a state budget is approved. The county gets about $1 million a year from the state, and Crocker says if they would cut that 10 percent, that’s $100,000. Since the county doesn’t have that extra money in the budget, Crocker says county layoffs could happen. The board also noted that due to how state funding is handled, it may look at the county budget every quarter or every month to see where the county stands.