(MARION, IL) — State Rep. John Bradley of Marion may have another challenger in the race for the 117th House District seat next year. Libertarian Scott Schluter told the Southern Illinoisan he intents on getting the 1,800 signatures required to appear on the November 2016 ballot as a third party candidate. Schluter says if elected he will repeal many state laws he feels violates the U.S. Constitution and repeal the part of the state constitution that states that powers and functions defined in the constitution “shall not be construed as the limitation of powers of state government.” Schluter wants it to specifically state all areas of power and functions of each branch of government. Schluter is currently the political division director for the State Libertarian Party and chairman of the Southern Illinois Libertarian Party. Benton businessman Dave Severin recently announced his bid to run for the seat Bradley has held since 2003 a few weeks ago.

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