Jefferson County Board Meets

(Mt. Vernon, Illinois) — The Jefferson County Board met last night for a Full Board Meeting. Among items discussed was the approval of the new computer maintenance agreement for the County. This plan is said to save $5,000 per year in computer maintenance. In Highway Reports, Jefferson County will be including the ADA Transition Plan to all future residential construction. No alterations are required of existing sidewalks; however new residential construction will be required to ensure ADA compliant sidewalks are in place to serve the community moving forward. The review and approval of 2015-16 budgets and levies were discussed regarding the County Highway, County Bridge and Federal Matching Aid and County Motor Fuel tax. While taxes collected are disbursed State wide to cover roadway and bridge maintenance and repair, 40% is allocated to Cook County alone, leaving the remainder of the State to equally share the residual 60%. This budget makes is increasingly difficult to maintain our roads effectively and efficiently. In Land, Tax and Appointments, Don Copeland was appointed to the South Central Transit Board and it was recommended that two appointments be made to the Jefferson County Health Department, if the budget will allow. In new business, Jefferson County approved the ordinance establishing the Greater Centralia Area Enterprise Zone with the County and the formal attachment via the Intergovernmental Agreement. Executive Session was called to order; however, no decisions or approvals were made.