Illinois village of Tolono ditches idea of coyote hunt

TOLONO, Ill. (AP) — Officials in the eastern Illinois community of Tolono are dropping the idea of allowing an organized coyote hunt to control the animal’s population. Village board members concluded the effort would be futile in an area surrounded by prairie habitat. Others worried that mounting a hunt would risk accidental injuries to bystanders. Trustee Mike Golish explained that “shells sometimes go not where you’re aiming.” The (Champaign) News-Gazette reports that coyote sightings earlier this year prompted the village to hire a professional trapper. Five coyotes were caught, but the sightings continued. Then, a former village trustee proposed allowing a hunt. Trustee Ryan Perry said he wasn’t against a hunt in principle, but that he didn’t think it was in the town’s best interest. He adds “coyotes aren’t going to bother people.”