Mt. Vernon City Council Meets

(Mt. Vernon, IL) — The Mt. Vernon City Council held their regular meeting Monday night at the Rolland W. Lewis Building. Items at the meeting included the approval of consolidated vouchers for accounts payable in the amount of $1,937,000. Payables included the city tourism advertising budget, easements, and the beautification of parking lots and landscaping downtown. Financing for the new fire pumper truck being built was also discussed. Total cost for this truck is $608,000; however the balance due is $258,000 at this time. Motion was made to give permission to seek quotes to obtain financing for the balance owed on the project. Permission was also granted to seek bids on demolition of 9 structures in city limits due to dangerous and dilapidated conditions. The demolition budget is at $175,000 for 2015. This project assumes to wipe out the budget for the rest of the year. All residential structures set for demolition are currently owned by the city. Brad Ruble, city engineer reported on road and sidewalk projects throughout the city. Ruble expects the transportation project on 42nd Street between Victoria and Richview to have asphalt poured on the north side of the railroad crossing before winter break. No through traffic is expected until spring; however access for residents will be provided accordingly. Nathan McKenna, assistant to the city manager, also spoke on the 34 unit housing project via Greenwalt Construction. The first unit is almost complete and the floor is poured in the second unit. Progress is being made. The auto sale of municipal property was also approved for the Mt. Vernon Police Department to sell 6 vehicles, as they are welcoming 3 new Dodge Chargers to the fleet; one unmarked. Site plans for Menards, Inc. regarding property located at 12134 North Wells By-Pass should be submitted to the city by the end of this week. An inducement resolution was approved to allow possible future reimbursement by tax increment financing, if applicable. Lastly, an audience member addressed concerns of speeding on South 10th and South 21st Streets; police agreed to patrol during lunch hours to remind vehicles of speed limits. He also spoke on unacceptable road conditions on Casey Avenue between 5th and 9th Streets by the high school due to heavy traffic. Mr. Tom Phillips of Sheehan Pipeline also addressed the Council about renting the race track to be the base of a year-long project that will provide up to 200 local union jobs and income via hotels and restaurants to accommodate their staff.