Michalesko Retires As Carbondale Fire Chief

(CARBONDALE, IL) — Carbondale’s fire chief is retiring effective today. John Michalesko has been with the Carbondale Fire Department for over 35 years and was made fire chief in 2006 replacing Jeff Anderson. Assistant Fire Chief Steve McBride will serve as interim fire chief until a replacement is hired. City Manager Kevin Baity told the Southern Illinoisan that McBride told him he has decided not to pursue the fire chief position due to personal reasons. Baity says the new fire chief will be promoted from within the fire department. Assistant fire chiefs Ted Lomax and Doug Biggs have both expressed interest in the job. Both men currently live outside the city limits, but say they will move into the city if offered the job. Baity says they will have six months to move into the city and can request more time to move if needed.