Salem Scam Warning

Salem, IL–The Salem Police Department is warning motorists that credit card skimmers have been used in the area. They are small devices that can scan and store credit or debit card data from the magnetic strip. These skimmers can be placed on the card reader on either the outside or the inside of a gas pump. Most recently, skimmers have been placed on the inside of the pump using a master key to gain access. Officers say when using a gas pump, check the pump for a security seal. The seal is a piece of tape over the seam of the pump where the card reader is accessed. If the tape is cut or tampered with, do not use that pump. If you see VOID on the tape, it has been tampered with as well. Please notify an employee of that establishment. All local gas stations have been asked to place these security seals on their pumps. Check your account data regularly. If your data have been stolen, you will have unauthorized charges on your card. Notify the issuer of your card immediately and then contact your local police department and report it.