Jefferson County Budget Update

(Mt. Vernon, IL)– Jefferson County Board Chairman Robert White says the county’s budget remains within close balance. He says because of appropriation of funds from the Public Safety Sales Tax Fund for this budget year used to cover the shortfall in the budget that was projected, the county has been able to remain on track. This tax allows for the collection of an additional quarter percent sales tax to avoid reduction in services. He says next year this tax could bring $1.1 million in revenue. White says there are three priorities the board will work on for the next fiscal year. Adequate police protection, abating the property tax levied for General Corporate, anticipated to be about $300,000, and to put remaining revenue back into the Public Safety Sales Tax Fund that was set up to pay for the debt of the Jefferson County Justice Center. He says if they meet these three goals, $300,000 could be paid back to the Public Safety Sales Tax Fund. He says the only issue that would prevent this is changes in funding by the State of Illinois.