Local Congressmen Oppose Rauner’s Budget Plan

(HERRIN, IL) — Democratic State Rep. John Bradley of Marion and Brandon Phelps of Harrisburg and Democratic Sen. Gary Forby of Benton joined those standing in opposition to Gov. Bruce Rauner’s budget plan during a news conference at the Williamson County Programs on Aging in Herrin Monday. Rauner is wanting to do a number of things like suspend funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, close the Hardin County Work Camp and eliminate funding for the methamphetamine treatment program at the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center. The lawmakers say the governor is also eyeing Department of Juvenile Justice facilities in our area to close. He is also looking to cut $11 million in funding to our area hospitals, which the Illinois Hospital Association estimates that these cuts will reduce economic activity in Southern Illinois by over $27 million and eliminate 195 jobs. Local families stood with our lawmakers to urge a more balanced approach that makes responsible spending cuts while protecting critical services for middle-class families, the elderly and those in great need.