(MT. VERNON, IL) — “I’m here because I’m working for you.” That was the opening statement for Governor Bruce Rauner as he addressed a local contingent at the Mt. Vernon Holiday Inn on Thursday morning. Rauner’s stop in Mt. Vernon was the second of four for the day for the Governor, a day after his first State of the State address. During the approximate 30 minute presentation, Rauner discussed the financial situation of the state and the amount of people and jobs leaving the state. He indicated 275,000 people have left the state in the last 10-12 years. Rauner pinpointed three areas outlined in his address. On the topic of economy & job growth, Rauner indicated he was willing to travel the country and world on his nickel to search for business. He indicates a desire to bring “real jobs and careers, not just minimum wage jobs” to Illinois. He also clarified his stance regarding unions, stating he wants prospective jobseekers to have the freedom to choose whether or not to join a union in those employment situations. The governor addressed a proposal to increase state support for k-12 and early childhood education and to support vocational and technical training in schools. He also wants an end to bureaucracy and to free up the teachers from unnecessary testing and unfunded mandates that take away valuable class time. The Governor also discussed his proposed government reform, wanting to put government back on track to serve the people of the state. He discussed his desire to change real estate taxes and to work towards lowering costs of projects to create money for more infrastructure. Rauner ended his presentation reaffirming his stance on term limits for elected officials.

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