Two Arrested Locally For Meth Manufacturing

(MT. VERNON, IL) — An anonymous call led Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies to a house in the 1500 block of Old Centralia Road in rural Mt. Vernon early Tuesday morning, where they arrested two individuals on meth related charges. According to Sheriff Travis Allen, the caller reported smelling a strong chemical odor coming from the residence. Deputy Wallace, Deputy Weeks, and Deputy Wilton responded to the area to investigate the report. Once on scene deputies could smell the strong odor of ether emitting from the residence. The deputies were able to secure the residence and met with Jefferson County State’s Attorney Doug Hoffman to obtain a search warrant that was signed by Judge Jo Beth Weber. Once inside the house, deputies located heroin, hypodermic syringes, a meth lab, and many other meth making materials. The Illinois State Police Meth Response Team arrived on scene and collected all of the hazardous Meth material. Deputies arrested 30-year-old Brandon Carello and 29-year-old Kristin Wingler, both residents of the Old Centralia Road home. Both Carello and Wingler are charged with manufacturing between 400 and 900 grams of meth, unlawful disposal of meth waste, possession of a controlled substance (heroin), and possession of drug paraphernalia They have been taken to the Jefferson County jail, where they await the formal filing of charges and the setting of bail. Carello faced similar charges in Jefferson County in 2011, and was sentenced in one case to 4-years in the Illinois Department of Corrections for possession of meth precursors.