(MCLEANSBORO, IL) — City leaders in McLeansboro recently passed an ordinance requiring residents to get a permit before any demolition work can be done in the city limits. Permits are for structures more than 400 square feet unless attached to a public utility or one which shares as a party wall. Permits are good for 30 days from when they are issued and can be extended for good cause for a 15 day period. There are also some stipulations demolition contractors must follow like having a license, a permit bond and liability insurance. Property owners will also be allowed to tear down their own buildings or structures without having a demolition contractor, but will have to give the city information regarding what will be torn down and permission for employees or agents of the city to finish the work if it’s not done by the day the permit expires. Right now, permits cost $10, but once residents are use to the application and permitting process, the fee will drop to $1. Anyone who does not follow the ordinance is subject to a fine of $50 to $175 for each offense and a separate offense is deemed committed each day any violation continues. For more information, call the city clerk’s office at 643-2129.

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