Illinois Vision 2020 Aims To Improve Schools

(ILLINOIS)–A group of school leaders has come up with a plan. The group consists of school board members, principals and administrators, and their plan – in the works for two years – is called Illinois Vision 2020. It’s about making schools run better. Roger L. Eddy, head of the Illinois Association of School Boards, says there must be a way to get people with knowledge outside the classroom into the classroom as teachers. Eddy says, “We need to expand the alternative teaching licensure program, and make sure that those folks who want to come into education have a clear and quality path in order to change careers and come into the classroom and be educators.” Other hard proposals: Improve mentoring for teachers, forgive student loans for teachers, especially those who teach in difficult schools, expand pre-school and full-day kindergarten, and make sure every school has high-speed internet. The report also contains some softer proposals – supporting student creativity, engaging parents and the community, promoting partnerships with post-secondary institutions and encouraging career exploration – as well as some changes to the way state education policy is established and carried out.