Dumb & Dumber To Wins The Weekend

Dumb & Dumber To exceeded expectations and took the #1 spot at the box office this weekend with $38.1 million. The sequel to 1994’s Dumb & Dumber opened above the mid-thirties expectations that most industry analysts had set and grossed more in its first weekend than the prequel Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd brought in during its entire theatrical run. The opening is welcome news to Jim Carrey, who has been struggling at the box office as of late. This film gives him his biggest non-animated opening weekend since Bruce Almighty in 2003. The Farrelly Brothers similarly needed a hit–their last film was the disappointing Three Stooges–and scored the top opening of their career. The comedy may have a difficult time finding legs, as critics have not been kind (27%) and audiences gave the film a B- CinemaScore. It should still be able to hit at least $80 million however, and may even approach $100 if it corners the comedy market. The film’s budget was reportedly $40 million.

Big Hero 6 (The Walt Disney Animation action-adventure) scored $36 million, down just 36% from last weekend’s take. The film has grossed $111.7 million domestically and $148.4 million worldwide from a $165 million budget. It should be able to top $200 million domestically by the time it’s done.

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar also held on well, down one spot to #3 in its second weekend with $29.2 million. The science fiction film dropped only 39%, a very good number for a fanboy-heavy genre film. It’s only a little higher than Inception’s 32% drop, though that film opened higher in the middle of the summer. Still, the film is far from the disappointment that certain outlets are trying to spin it into; with a $97.8 million domestic gross and $321.9 million worldwide, it is doing very well. The film will be hit by the coming holiday blockbusters but should weather things nicely; it is likely to finish off around $180 million to 190 million domestically. The budget was $165 million.

Note: Numbers include Sunday estimates and are three-day estimates. A studio recoups 55% of a film’s grosses on average, meaning it needs to approximately double its budget to be profitable during its theatrical run.

BOX OFFICE TOP TEN (Three-Day Numbers)
1. Dumb & Dumber To – $38.1 million ($38.1 million total)
2. Big Hero 6 – $36 million ($111.7 million total)
3. Interstellar – $29.2 million ($97.8 million total)
4. Beyond the Lights – $6.5 million ($6.5 million total)
5. Gone Girl – $4 million ($152.7 million total)
6. St. Vincent – $4 million ($33.3 million total)
7. Fury – $3.8 million ($75.9 million total)
8. Nightcrawler – $3 million ($25 million total)
9. Ouija – $3 million ($48.1 million total)
10. Birdman – $2.5 million ($11.6 million total)

(Credit: Jeremy Thomas http://411mania.com/movies/411-box-office-report-dumb-dumber-to-clips-big-hero-6-for-1/)