Rihanna As Poison Ivy?

So, rumor has it that Rihanna may be the next Poison Ivy… and we’re all about it. Rihanna also mentioned the Batmobile on instagram… could it be? Or maybe catwoman? Either way, we think Rihanna in the new Batman with Robert Pattinson as Batman could be a pretty cool thing. Read more on the story…read more

Reynolds Explains WHY He Voiced Pikachu

So why did Ryan Reynolds decide to voice the super cute, super popular Pokemon in Detective Pikachu? He says that it was for his kids! So that they could finally see one of his movies! I recently got to see the film, and I loved it, of course I’m also a fan of Pokemon. Read…read more

September Movies On The Way

It’s almost September- and probably the most awaited film coming out is IT: Chapter Two… Some of the other movies include: Rambo, Last Blood; Downton Abbey, Abominable, and 21 Bridges. Some scary, some action, and a kids movie for our September.read more

A Quiet Place II In Production

John Krasinki confirms that A Quiet Place 2 is officially in the works with a tweet including the hashtag #PartII. The first movie had a budget of $20 million and made quite the noise at the box office, making $340 million worldwide. A Quiet Place 11 is in theaters March 20, 2020. More on the…read more

Endgame Vs. Avatar

Avengers: Endgame gets even closer to beating Avatar’s record-holding $2.788 BILLION in the box office. Looks like Endgame is just several million behind the record, and seeming to continually creep up on that record. With Spider-Man: Far From Home in theaters, we’re assuming a lot of people are going to re-watch Endgame before finding out…read more

The Lion King Visually A Stunner

The Hollywood Reporter reported on some of the first reactions for The Lion King. Quote, “The film visually stuns, and emotionally hit its mark with many, if not all, audience members.” There are also comments about the voice overs being excellent, but some would still choose the OG Lion King over the new. The Lion King…read more

Box Office Results

Spider-Man: Far From Home claims the first spot again at this weekend’s box office, adding $45.3 million to its total $274.5 million! Toy Story 4 is in at #2 with a total $346.4 million in four weeks. New movies Crawl and Stuber only made $12 million and $8 million respectively. The Lion King hits theaters this…read more