Back to School Safety Tips

Back to School Safety Tips

ILLINOIS (RFD) — Back to school is here for some and just around the corner for others. As the school year gets underway, OSF Healthcare is pushing health tips to parents to keep kids out of the hospital and in the classroom. Tips range from carrying fewer books in backpacks, to bringing healthy snacks to school, to even sitting down for a family dinner in the evenings.

Because schools are a hub for many children from so many different households, Jeanie Sullivan, Child Care Specialist for OSF Healthcare, says that students need to be taught how to keep themselves free of germs by washing up.

Sullivan also stresses the importance of students getting breakfast at the start of the day, something high in protein.

It’s not just about getting good food or staying clean though. Making sure that students are getting plenty of sleep is just as important. Students around the age of ten need an average of ten hours of sleep.

How do you know if your child is getting plenty of sleep? OSF Neurologist Dr. Sarah Zallek says that there are some signs.

The healthcare provider has some other advice to help your child fall into a good sleep routine. Tips like cutting out caffeine for your children, prioritize sleep, modeling good sleep behavior, and reserving the bed and bedroom for sleeping only.